updated November 1

SKMA All-Festival MIXED CHOIR 2014



  1. Benjamin Britten, Jubilate Deo in C
  2. Johannes Brahms, O schöne Nacht
  3. John Bennet, Weep, o mine eyes
  4. René Clausen, Set me as a seal
  5. Marta Keen Thompson, arr. Jay Althouse, Homeward bound
  6. Keith Hampton, Praise His holy name


I encourage you to review the translation with your students, so they understand the meaning (which also helps them find the similarities between the languages, i.e. "night"/"Nacht", "moon"/"Mond", etc).

O schöne Nacht!

Am Himmel märchenhaft

Erglänzt der Mond in seiner ganzen Pracht;

um ihn der kleinen Sterne

liebliche Genossenschaft.

Es schimmert hell der Tau

Am grünen halm; mit Macht

Im Fliederbusche schlӓgt die


Der Knabe schleicht zu seiner Liebsten

sacht—O schöne Nacht!

Oh lovely night!
In the sky, fairy tale-like
the moon shines in all its splendor;
Around it the little stars
Pleasant company.
glistens brightly the dew
on the green stem; with power
in the lilac bush sings the
the youth sneaks to his beloved
quietly—Oh lovely night!





  There are many resources online for learning the pronunciation (and parts). Here are a few I've found:

source for International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription [left]

German IPA Wikipedia article