Getting started with the New Year

Greetings, all,

It's been a while since I've tried blogging, but I figured I should join the 21st century and get myself back out there.

It's so hard to believe it is 2012. I remember the changeover into Y2K so clearly - the hype, the fears - and now we've embraced the whole "Twenty-something" era. Maybe that's a good thing, but somehow the transition into a new year always make me think back to the past and consider how much has changed and how much has stayed the same.

Right now I'm in rehearsals with the Los Angeles Master Chorale. We will be part of a choir of 600 performing with the LA Phil and the Simon Bolivar Orchestra. As you music geeks may have guessed or known already, this is all for Mahler's "Symphony of a Thousand" [his Eighth]. What a masterwork and what a challenge. I first heard of this piece while preparing it for my Masters audition at Yale. Believe it or not, we were asked to conduct sections of this in a choir and piano rehearsal. And, guess what, that took place in 2000. I love opening my full score and seeing the younger me in the heavy markings. I highlighted themes, wrote in quotes, outlined the form.

And now I get to be part of an actual performance, and I get to sing with such esteemed colleagues. It is almost too thrilling for words, but here I am trying to blog again. So it has to be... words, words, words.

Anyway, to all reading this, may 2012 be merry and bright, may we find many good things to back to in this year when we reflect back on this time decades in the future. Cheers!