Sweden: Uppsala--I'm here

I feel like I should begin with a disclaimer. I am writing via my new iPod touch and am not sure I'll be able to avoid errors. Plus I haven't figured out how I can review what I've written before I post, so... Reader, beware!

I'm in Uppsala after a 12 hour (maybe more) dash halfway around the world. LA to London to Stockholm to Uppsala. I almost want a prize just for that. After all that time on planes (and near crying twin infants no less) I foolishly chose public transportation to get to the hotel. Fortunately it isn't raining (though the ground is wet) as I carted my bags the half mile or so from the train station to the hotel. And to my surprise they put me on the second floor with no elevator.
Needless to say I feel like I got a workout.

The walk did give me a chance to see some fall color. It has certainly been a while. I think the LA-Sweden contrast will be pretty striking. The cobblestone streets gave me an "old city" vibe. I'll try to avoid being the inflexible American (though I am really surprised that the hotel room had only 2 hangers and no washcloth, and I had to laugh at the space age bathroom - I'll probably post pics on facebook when I get back :). I'll be okay I think, but I am eager to get the ball rolling tonight with our meeting/repertoire draw. As they say on American Idol, song choice is everything. I've got the jitters...