Sweden: semifinals part two and rehearsals for the final

I don't think I am cut out to be a full time blogger. Phew.

So... Where were we?

The second day for the semifinalists was a bit blurry for me. All performed Der Geist hilft by Bach. I do wonder what the early music folk would think. These performances highlighted the consistently beautiful sound of the choir but I do wonder if this old German music has been colored overmuch to a Swedish ideal. This ensemble was very responsive and the conductors sppeared to really enjoy the extra contact. This second session offered more insight into each conductor's temperament and priorities. There is a big benefit to those familiar with this tradition as evidenced by the choice for finalists. All three finalists led good rehearsals on complicated rep in a rehearsal that felt all too short. The Radio Choir is amazing and are completely up to the challenge. Tomorrow's concert will be very exciting. I think I would like to come back and observe more here (and I need to not chicken out -- people are offering to help). I also want to take time to absorb and digest this experience before I make more concludions about what this means I should change.

I have had some time to see the city, the old town and Skansen (sort of a Swedish living historical museum complete with zoo). I find the cast iron steeple of the Deutsche Kirche to be one of the most attractive features of the "skyline." I also enjoyed getting more insight to Sami culture and to see reindeer. I'm certainly not in LA anymore.

The fish here is delicious here by the way. I assume they don't have the same mercury problems or I might be in trouble.

I am maybe a little homesick but feel better after meeting Andreas, my sister's boyfriend's brother who lives here. We can gossip a little and I can experience a slightly more normal view of Stockholm. I have also really enjoyed meeting the other conductors both personally and professionally. I hope to stay in touch with some of them after we return home.

What else? Too many things for this platform but I'll have a lot of stories when I get hone. Miss you guys.